Attention Healthcare Providers: Help Your Patients & Clients Become Stronger & More Mobile Without Conducting A Single Workout Yourself

Amazing Partnership Program Helps You Generate Passive Income In As Little As One Week While Creating A Successful Holistic Practice

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30% Commission

Monthly commissions paid directly to you for as long as your referrals keep their membership active.

Exercise Done Right

Have peace of mind that your patients & clients will be exercising correctly for THEIR body.

Ongoing Accountability

Your patients & clients will know exactly what they need to do for every workout, and we will make sure they stay on track!

How To Get Started


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Know your patients' adjustments will hold after they workout because they will be exercising the right way for THEIR body. With an emphasis on core strength and stability, joint mobility, and proper posture, the workouts your patients will be doing are the perfect compliment to your chiropractic work.

Medical Doctors

Provide your patients with a safe and reliable option to exercise from home under the guidance of joint and muscle experts. Help your patients exercise consistently no matter how crazy their schedule is or how reluctant they are to start.

Physical Therapists & Occupational Therapists

Give your patients the next step after they graduate from your work. Have the confidence of knowing the workouts they do will make them more resilient to re-injuring themselves while continuing to progress all of the work they did with you.

Body Workers

Help your clients benefit from strengthening their entire body while safely increasing their range of motion and flexibility. Not only will these workouts keep your clients moving well, they will also help you to not have to keep addressing the "problem areas" that so many clients experience, which means you get to help your clients consistently progress!

Personal Trainers & Coaches

Provide your most valued clients with a high-quality at-home option that they will love! Remove the need for you to have to do all of their programming while still getting paid to make sure they keep exercising.

Athletic Trainers

Help your athletes avoid injury and build strength in a safe and controlled manner. Boost your athletes' recovery between games and practices by giving them access to these exclusive workout programs.

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Compliment the health and weight loss goals of your clients by helping them stay moving with convenient and easy to implement workouts they can do right from home!

Counselors & Therapists

Provide a safe and welcoming option for your clients to exercise from the privacy in their own home. Help them experience the immense mental/emotional benefits that exercising consistently can bring when done in a way that comes from a place of love and support.

You Know Your People Need To Exercise...

But do YOU have to hold their hand every step of the way??

Look, you are REALLY good at your work.

You are highly trained, highly skilled, and you help your people live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

But you also know your people need to be exercising.

And no matter how many times you tell them to go to the gym, or get up and move, or hire a trainer...

They Don't Listen To You...

Maybe you have started adding in training or exercise at your office to keep them in-house and make sure they get it done.

But finding a decent trainer who is professional, educated, experienced, AND will compliment your work is nearly impossible.

Plus, if you do find one, you have to go through all the trouble of on-boarding them into your systems, managing them to make sure they follow up with clients, and training them to conduct the exercises how you want them done for each person...

all the while worrying that any day they could hand in their two weeks' notice and then you are left high and dry with a bunch of people who need to exercise but absolutely nobody to help you out.

So maybe you start conducting some workouts yourself.

But that takes you away from the things you are really good at.

And it adds more to your already busy schedule.

Plus, you end up losing money in the end because your time is more valuable serving your people within your expertise versus making sure they get their workouts in.

So What In The World Do You Do??

We saw this situation happening over and over again with healthcare practitioners in our community.

They would be total rockstars at the adjustments, manipulations, body work, and lab readings that their patients and clients absolutely needed, but when it came to exercise...

that's where the weak point in their business and expertise was.

Things kept falling through the cracks, because either they were too overwhelmed to efficiently add more onto their plate...

or the help they were trying to get was not able to effectively deliver the workouts in ways that left their people feeling stronger, more mobile, and wanting to continue.

But That No Longer Has To Be The Story For You

Enter the Exercise For Life Partnership Program.

Your people get the muscle-strengthening and mobility-promoting workouts they need, available to them 24/7 on any device, with the guidance to make sure they continue to progress and feel great and the accountability to make sure their workouts get done.

You don't have to train, manage, or onboard anybody ever again to handle your patients' or clients' workouts, and you know that your people are 100% being taken care of just like you were doing the work yourself.

AND, you get paid every single month without any of the overhead or costs associated with needing extra space, purchasing equipment, or having to pay more for your insurance premiums.

In the end, your people get the exercise guidance and accountability they need matched with the right workouts to feel strong and mobile...

While you get to have the holistic practice you have been wanting without increasing your overhead, your weekly hours, or doing work outside of your expertise.

Ready to get started?

Just click the button below to fill out the Partnership Application and we can't wait to talk to you soon!

Here's to health,

Julie & Charlie

What Other Partners Are Saying...

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What Our Members Are Saying...

“I haven’t worked out this frequently or consistently since high school. The workouts aren’t terribly long, so it is pretty easy to convince myself to do them. It always feels great! – Cathy L., 33

“Compassion and self-compassion are the root of health. The desire to exercise and take care of the body are rooted in self-care and love. Your program is absolutely set up to reinforce that, and I think the world needs so much more of this.” – Alyssa B., 29

“I used to love to workout on a regular basis, but now I only sporadically go to the gym. I am not a self-motivator, but the online classes were so easy to (make time for). – Nancy R., 68

“The mental descriptions on how to use each muscle were very helpful when trying to focus on what muscle group we were engaging.” – Trisha P., 30

“I felt like (Julie and Charlie) made it personal to ME even though others were participating.” – Linda C., 58

“This program improved my strength, increased my frequency and consistency of exercise, and built my list of exercises I can do at home and at the gym.” – Lauren W., 34

“Visualizations in the exercise explanations helped me focus and I felt it increased my accuracy of the exercise. I felt I got more firm without soreness. – Robyn S., 60

“I look forward to each day when I am able to do the class…right in my home.” – Cindy Z., 60

“This program has given me the opportunity to ease back into working out without pulling things. I love this program because I learned that you don’t have to over-do things to see results!” - Patti M., 63

“The emphasis on contracting muscles is what sets this program apart. With the instruction in each video I know I am building my body up and not tearing it down.” - Cameron H., 25

“I consider this the best training I’ve ever experienced. This is the best training style for anyone, especially athletes, and I am able to do it with my wife. - Orlando M., 39

“There are hundreds of exercise programs out there, but what Julie & Charlie have put together is a well-coordinated and very safe program where you can increase the level of intensity should you desire. - Merida H., 65

Julie & Charlie Cates have been helping their clients and community become healthier and stronger since 2014. They are co-hosts of the popular podcast Exercise Is Health®, and authored The Exercise For Life Method, which was released in 2021.

As certified Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) Rx specialists and master-level Resistance Training Specialists®, Julie & Charlie have an extensive education in biomechanics and muscle function, which means your patients and clients will be able to exercise consistently and feel great while doing so.

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